What To Do After A House Fire

A house fire can be one of the worst things imaginable, all of your belongings gone in smoke and even worse, someone may get hurt or die. With the recent wildfires going on in California, it is not a question that many people in the area were fearing for their homes and personal belongings.

A common question coming up now is, what do you do when your house catches on fire? The road to recovery can be long and hard after a house fire but hopefully you had a homeowners or renters insurance plan to help you along.

Here’s some important steps which can help you along the way.

Immediately after the fire has been put out and it is safe to re-enter your home or building, talk with the Fire Department to see if your utilities are safe to use and gather any other valuable information about the fire and damages. Also take down a list of your personal belongings which were damaged in the fire, take plenty of pictures and be attentive to everything the fire affected.

Make sure you make copies of all of you important documents as well, especially if some were damaged such as birth certificates or passports.

Next you will want to contact your insurance agent as well as your mortgage company, talk to them and ask them questions. Let them know the damage that was done and what steps you should take. Ask them for assistance in fixing the immediate damage, such as covering windows, holes or getting rid of leftover water. Be sure to ask them what you can do to make sure your house is secured and safe if you cannot stay there for a few nights. Consider calling the police to let them know your home will be vacant.

After you have assessed the damages yourself and spoken to your insurance company, go ahead and talk to some fire restoration groups, seeing when they will be able to come in and do work on your home. Preferably as soon as possible, though it depends on the amount of damage. Make sure you save your receipts of any work you do on your own to fix your house.

A house fire is never an easy event to deal with. These steps can help make the process easier and ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can get back on your feet soon enough.

Having the right home insurance plan is key in these situations. The right insurance company will be with you along the way. There are many good and sound homeowners insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.