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Insurance Navy provides top-notch, affordable Watercraft insurance. Sailors, fishermen, jet skiers, and other boating enthusiasts will find ease and comfort working with our agents to pick the right type of coverage. If you recently bought a boat in or around the city of Chicago, we will help you find a cheap watercraft insurance policy that gives you all the coverage you need. At Insurance Navy, we pride ourselves on offering, for a low-cost, the best watercraft insurance in Illinois.

Buying a boat is a huge financial decision. They are expensive up front and cost a lot to maintain and store. That is why our agents work hard to help you find an insurance policy that protects your investment while keeping your finances from sinking.

watercraft insurance chicago

Why Watercraft Insurance is Important?

Our policies will help protect you and your property after unexpected incidents out on the water. There are four main areas of coverage included in our policies. There is Watercraft Liability Insurance, which, in the event of an accident that is your fault, covers the cost of damage to the other person's boat and medical bills for any injuries. There is Uninsured Watercraft Coverage, which applies to situations where your boat is damaged by the result of an accident with someone who does not have watercraft insurance. There is Property Coverage, which helps pay for the cost of damage caused to your watercraft by another boat or object, such as a rock or a pier. There is also Watercraft Medical Payments Coverage, which covers medical bills from injuries that occur during boating accidents.

Why Choose Insurance Navy?

Depending on the type of watercraft and how you are using it, there are many options available for watercraft insurance. At Insurance Navy, we will help you find a low-cost watercraft insurance policy that gives you all the protection you need before getting out on the water.





watercraft insurance chicago