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Preparing Your Home For Flooding

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The number one natural disaster in the United States is flooding. While that may surprise some, floods are more common than you think, especially in rain heavy areas throughout the year. Some of the top states which see the most rain per year include Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. While many people can deal with…

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Severe Flooding, Death Toll Rising In Greece


Severe weather and deadly flash floods are taking their toll on areas of Greece, particularly the small town of Mandra, located east of Athens. The death toll has unfortunately risen to at least 15 at this point and officials fear that it may continue to rise as it has done nearly all morning. The rains…

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Conference On Lake Ontario Flooding

On Thursday November 10th, nearly 150 people turned out in Wayne County, Michigan to discuss the rising water levels of Lake Ontario and to talk about the flooding, both from this past summer as well as for the upcoming summers. This past season delivered high water levels to the residents living along the Lake Ontario’s…

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