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Six Top Cars Of 2017

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2018 is right around the corner. Automakers are busy releasing and unveiling their new models and prototypes for the 2018 and 2019 years. While seeing these new models are exciting, we shouldn’t be so quick to turn the page on the 2017 models. Here are six of the top and most affordable models from 2017.…

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Cars Losing Spare Tire For Weight Reduction


New research has come out that nearly one in every three cars do not have a spare tire anymore. This news coming to light causes concern for both drivers and insurance companies alike. Automakers are now taking more and more steps to create lighter and more efficient vehicles. And by taking out the spare tire,…

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Marketing Technology To Impact Automobile Industry

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The automobile industry is changing. With new autonomous features, such as self-parking and automatic braking, becoming more and more common and accepted, automobile companies need to shift their focus from creating the most flashy cars, to answering the drive of the industry, more personal and more technological touches. Automobile companies, who spent the last few…

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