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High Prices Holding Back Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicles have made progress that some may never have thought possible, they have made a dent in the auto industry and are becoming more and more available nationwide and worldwide. Yet the biggest obstacle still remains, getting these vehicles down in price in order to make them more affordable for the every day, middle…

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Car Thieves Strike at Chicago Car Wash


Car theft is a big issue in the city of Chicago. And, without the right auto insurance coverage, many victims experience great difficulty dealing with the loss. No one ever thinks that their car will get stolen, which makes it even worse when it happens. It is both an unpredictable and frightening crime to be…

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Affordable Auto Insurance

Insurance Navy offers the best and most affordable auto insurance in Illinois. Their agents use knowledge from years of working in the industry to provide the most efficient policies for their clients, while keeping the cost low of course. Insurance Navy specializes in both standard and sub-standard auto-insurance, which means they can insure a car…

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