Southern Mexico Bloody Sunday

Reports coming from Mexico have delivered the news that eight people were killed this past Sunday and authorities recovered the bodies of at least 12 others.

This took place in the state of Guerrero, in Southern Mexico. Guerrero is notorious for housing some of the worst crimes, drug and gang related. With over 1,700 homicides reported from January to September.

The day began with reports of three bodies of young men reported to authorities, the bodies were found to be tortured and hung.

Shortly after, a shootout began between police officers and armed men. One man was killed while three were taken into custody.

The bloody day still continued on, with two gunmen entering a bar and killing a man and woman who sat and drank. They were caught by authorities and alerted them that the bar was home to a grave beneath it. After an excavation, the bodies of four men and a women were found.

Further in Guerrero, authorities reported finding six bodies, six skulls and two pairs of bones all burned.

Sunday was not a good day for the state and measures must be taken in order to protect those citizens as well as tourists from senseless violence.

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