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Nearly 500,000 drivers work for the booming rideshare industry throughout the United States. With the increasing amount of drivers joining these rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft, the need for quality rideshare insurance and coverage continues to grow. At Insurance Navy, we will work with you and your employer to keep your vehicle and the people inside it protected no matter the stage of your trip.

So, if you recently started driving for Uber or Lyft, let our agents find you an easy and affordable ride sharing insurance policy. At Insurance Navy, we specialize in delivering the best and least expensive ride share insurance in Illinois.

If you are driving for a rideshare service, it is important to understand what your options are and how rideshare insurance policies typically work. Since you, the driver owns the car, but are also an employee of the service, it can become a bit complicated. Most drivers don’t even know when they are being protected by their own policy versus the ridesharing companies.

If you are not logged on to the app with passengers in your car, then you are not under the protection of the rideshare service’s insurance policy. You are on your own with your personal auto insurance policy. However, once you turn on the app and are on your way to pick someone up, then you are covered by the rideshare service’s business insurance policy.

Why Rideshare Insurance is important?

As a driver for one of these services, especially in the busy city of Chicago, you must take the time to familiarize yourself with the rideshare company’s insurance coverage. You cannot afford not to. Avoid the gap in coverage you might experience if an insurance claim is filed. Ridesharing insurance will cover you during all events of your trip, from the initial pickup, to the trip and drop off to driving to your next customer.

To avoid this gap in coverage, you need to get yourself a complete ridesharing insurance Chicago plan. If your rideshare app is on while you are waiting for another customer, you technically won’t be covered by the insurance Uber or Lyft gives you but also not with your personal auto insurance, this means that many of these rideshare drivers spend a lot of their time in the car and driving, but neither of their insurance policies is covering them.  

Why Choose Insurance Navy?

Unlike most insurance companies, Insurance Navy offers cheap rideshare insurance. You shouldn’t have to worry about fixing common wear and tear inside your car from driving for these rideshare services. Our agents strive to keep the ride share companies, the drivers, and the passengers protected in the not-so-unlikely event of an accident.

For years, Insurance Navy has been known as being one of the top providers among ride sharing insurance companies in the Chicagoland area. Our team understands the need to work for these rideshare services like Uber and Lyft and also how important they are for getting people to the places they need to get.

At Insurance Navy, we work to make the entire process easier, helping you stay safe and protected throughout every aspect of your trips while also not breaking your wallet.

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