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Classic Car Insurance Chicago

Insurance Navy offers classic car insurance Chicago to our collectors and car enthusiasts throughout Chicago that is necessary for anyone with a classic set of wheels in their garage or in front of their home. Our agents know how to keep classic cars protected and their owners happy by finding quality policies with low premiums.

So, if you just started collecting classic cars or have been into the hobby for a long time, we will help you find a low-cost antique auto insurance policy that keeps them protected. At Insurance Navy, we deliver the best and cheapest antique auto insurance in the state of Illinois.

Whether you are a collector of antique vehicles or just prefer the retro style when you’re driving down the street, getting insurance is always a smart idea. There are many options available for antique car owners. Our agents will help you pick the right one.

Why is Antique Auto Insurance important?

Before deciding on a plan and the various classic car insurance companies to choose from, there are a few things you should know about antique auto insurance.

First off, you should know that there are many differences between antique and regular car insurance. Most insurance companies will impose terms that specify when and where coverage applies for the classic car. For example, your classic automobile insurance policy might only apply when the car is being used for certain activities, such as driving to the beach or to a friend’s house. It might also require that the vehicle never be used for commercial purposes, or that it only be driven a certain number of miles per year.

The policy will also take into consideration your age, driving history, and the other automobiles registered to you.

Not all policies are the same and the way we use classic cars are not all the same. Whether you are driving a Mustang, Camaro, Chevrolet or Porsche, you need to keep your classic protected from common events like theft, dents, interior damage and any other obstacles on the road. Our agents will spend time talking with you, getting to know you and your classic’s needs to better have you protected and covered as you move forward.  

Why Choose Insurance Navy?

At Insurance Navy, we know that owning a classic isn’t just something you do, it is a hobby and an investment. We understand all the time and effort you put into not only finding the right classic, but maintaining and restoring it.

Insurance Navy agents are experts at finding the best and least expensive antique auto insurance for our clients. Classic cars are a great hobby and even funner to fix up and restore to their former glory.

While they do require a lot of work to stay fresh and functioning, it is worth it. Worry about what goes on underneath the hood and not who’s protecting it, leave it to us to make sure they are covered and protected when something goes wrong.

Insurance Navy will set you up with the best classic car insurance coverage and make sure that you and your classic stay covered, safe and happy no matter what you plan to use with your car.

Year after year, Insurance Navy is regarded as one of the best classic car insurance companies in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Our agents take pride in their work as you do in your classic. By working together and building a relationship, you and your classic car will be in the very best of hands.

Insurance Navy also offers Commercial Auto Insurance if you had a fleet of antique cars to insure.

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