Santa Rosa Residents Struggle With Wildfire Aftermath

Just over a month after the deadly wildfires spread across California and the Santa Rosa area, residents are just now beginning to piece back their lives and it may be harder and a longer wait than expected.

Nearly 3,000 homes were destroyed from the wildfire, resulting in many residents staying with family or friends close by until the smoke has settled. But for now at least, some residents will have to wait and see if they will be able to return to their old home town.

This particular city is home to many working class families, who now are faced with the difficult decision of selling or staying to rebuild. Reports show that roughly 60% of residents in the area were renters.

Many fear that the costs of rebuilding will be far too high and rather those residents should take their insurance checks elsewhere, where living will be more affordable and they will be on their feet quicker.

Nearly 13,000 claims have been filed in Sonoma County.

An underlying problems that comes up in these types of situations is the jump in prices for renting or buying a home due to the high demand as well as lack of available places. The prices of construction crews to come in and actually do the repairs affects the movement of these processes as well, this will take time and patience from everyone in the area.

Sonoma County has issued statements regarding these situations, they are backing their people 100% and would like to see everyone be able to stay in Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas, but the work is cut out for them in the weeks and months ahead.

While wildfires are generally not seen around the Chicagoland area, fires are a great possibility and a house fire can see similar damages that these wildfires left. Protecting yourself and your belongings is so important, especially at times of hardship, like those dealing with the wildfire aftermath.

Having the right homeowners insurance plan can help you get back on your feet quicker and help you along the way if something like this ever happens to your home.