Preparing Your Car For Winter

As winter quickly approaches, those living is snow prone and winter heavy areas such as Chicago know that it can strike at any minute, and while we know it is coming, it still takes us by a chilling surprise.

Mentally preparing for winter and the holiday season is important, but preparing your car for the cold, snow and sleet should be remembered as well. There are many quick and easy tips that can go a long way when winter hits and there’s snow on the ground.

For starters, make sure to check your tire pressure and fill your tires before the first snow fall, making it easier on your tires as well as your hands when the temperature drops. Especially with older vehicles, air seems to get our more frequently in the cold. Consider a full tire change if you haven’t gotten one in awhile.

Making sure your windshield wipers work and are up to date is very important before the first snow fall to make sure you can see everything clearly going on. In addition to that, be sure to throw your snowbrush in addition to an ice scraper into your car to help you get started early in the morning.

Another idea is keeping a safety bag in your trunk, various items you can throw in there include an extra layer of clothing, a blanket, extra gloves and hat, some snacks, a lighter, hand warmers and a flashlight to name a few. These can be crucial if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road on a cold winter night.

Make sure your heater and battery is up to date as well. Having heat in the winter is so important to ensure your car will run properly as well as keeping you warm on the way to work. A new battery would ensure your car doesn’t die suddenly or give you any unexpected obstacles.

More tips for driving in the winter are available but it is important to remember dealing with black ice and skidding, driving carefully over bridges and making sure not to get yourself caught in deep snow. Check to make sure snow plows have been out in your area before you leave for work, otherwise consider an alternative route.

As driving in the winter can be dangerous and deal you unexpected problems, there are always ways to be prepared. Consider having a roadside assistance insurance plan which would protect you from anything you might run into this winter such as getting stuck, your car dying on the highway or even locking yourself out in the cold. There are many great roadside assistance plans throughout the Chicagoland area, to help us better prepare for the coming months of winter.


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