Porsche Classics Get Theft Protection

A classic is a classic for a reason and in the auto industry, no one knows that better than Porsche. People cherish these vehicles and for good reason, they are beautiful, expensive and rare. Also making them very appealing to the common car thief.

That is why Porsche has introduced a new technology to protect their old classics, offering anti-theft assistance. This new feature, once installed, will allow Porsche to communicate with a security network and be able to get alarmed if the car is stolen or the battery is disconnected.

The new security system would then notify you to confirm or deny whether or not the car has been stolen. If it is, the system will contact local authorities as well as use the GPS system to track where the Porsche is or where the thief will be going.

This new technology is hidden inside the vehicle, making it nearly impossible for thieves to know that you have it installed.

Calling it the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System, the hope is that it will stop any and all Porsche thieves and allow the owners to keep their classic vehicles safe and enjoyable.

This new tracking system will only be offered in Europe and will be available in the spring of 2018, but its arrival to the United States will not be far behind Europe’s.

Porsche’s new security idea could be revolutionary in the automobile industry especially if this does prevent any and all auto thefts of these classic cars.

While the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System may work every time to protect your vehicle from theft, it is still important to protect your classic vehicle from other accidents that may occur on the road, such as scratches, cracked windshields or dents.

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