Hurricane Aftermath: Those Without Renters Insurance Struggle

Most tenants require that renters obtain some sort of renters insurance plan to protect themselves from floods, fires, robberies or some other form of accident. The 2017 hurricane season should be a wakeup call for the future of renters insurance, as after all the damage is now starting to be cleared and fixed up in Texas and Florida and surrounding areas, the financial numbers are coming out, and for those without insurance, it is not pretty. While most tenants do recommend it and most of the leases will say it is required, many do not take the advice seriously and choose to ignore getting renters insurance, even though plans are generally cheap, averaging around $200 a year in Florida. But the big difference in the wake of all the hurricane destruction, while over 90% of homeowners are covered with a home insurance plan, the number of renters who are insured is far less. Especially in a place like Florida, which has a high possibility of seeing a hurricane in the season, it is so important to protect yourself with a type of renters insurance plan, the $12 a month that it will cot you does not compare to the prices you will be faced with after. Renters are often responsible for everything that happens inside the walls of your apartment or condo. While the landlord owns the building and probably has insurance on that, he or she will not cover any damages that happen under your watch. Such as a robbery, a small apartment fire or even something as simple as water leaking through the floor into your apartment. These are all smaller cases than a hurricane, but the process works the same. Renters insurance is a necessity for old and new renters alike. It helps protect you and your belongings no matter what kind of accident may occur. It can make the difference between smooth transitions and heavy bills and fees. Recovering after a hurricane is enough work as is and will take efforts from the whole community, but having a renters insurance plan will make the process easier and cheaper for you. There are many great and affordable renters insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.