Houston Warehouse Holds $20 Million In Cars

Some call it a garage, some call it a warehouse. Whatever you want to describe it as, this Houston warehouse holds over $20 million worth of cars.

Located in Houston’s Heights neighborhood, the warehouse houses cars from all over the state of Texas, the majority belonging to rich businessmen and women of the area as well as a handful of professional athletes.

The giant warehouse, which turned into the car storing, one of the most expensive buildings in nearly all of Houston, started when one man moved from New York to Houston, along with his 1963 green Jaguar E-Type.

With no where to store it, the man chose to take matters into his own hands, purchasing the warehouse and making it into the car collection warehouse you’ll see today.

The ALARA warehouse stores various vehicles of the upmost rarity and luxury, ranging from clients having only one car to some with 20 in the warehouse. The charge to is $350 a month to store a vehicle, with deals coming for those with multiple cars being stored.

The warehouse is heavily secured with security cameras covering every inch as well as perfecting the process of owners taking their cars out. Requiring them to notify the warehouse at least a day in advance as well as hooking up cameras to monitor the cars moving in and out of the warehouse, making sure that all damages or dents are accounted for, whether it be their fault or the owners.

This warehouse is a car collectors paradise, featuring so many rare, restored and nearly brand new classic vehicles.

While the warehouse is heavily protected and secure, it is still important to make sure your classic car is protected and safe no matter where it is. An antique auto insurance plan can help protect and make sure your classic stays in prime shape and condition. There are many great antique auto insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.