Homeowners Of CityPlace Fire Still Dealing With Insurance Claim

Six Months after the CityPlace apartments fire in Overland Park, Kansas, rebuilding, and construction is still underway. Insurance claims for homeowners have been anything but simple, however.

Jim Trometer is one of those homeowners. The fire damaged his roof and scorched his fence. Trometer said initially the damage was estimated at $33,000, but they’ve adjusted his loss, bringing it down another $5,000.

Trometer has been in contact with Nationwide for months, which is the insurance company for Titan construction who is responsible for covering the damages.

“They keep saying ‘well, we’re putting together all of the policies. There might be multiple carriers involved. We’re trying to collect all the claims.’ I said, ‘you said that sixty days ago’ and so I’ve talked her three times since. I get the same answer,” Trometer said.

Meanwhile, the rebuilding process has been moving smoothly, with all the damaged properties receiving construction permits. Some homeowners can even apply for occupancy permits

But Trometer hopes to get back what he had lost. “I think there’s a lot of people who have given up in frustration,” Trometer said, “I’m not.”

In a statement on the situation, Nationwide wrote the following:

“Nationwide is aware of the circumstances, and we are in the process of investigating the matter. However, due to privacy laws, we cannot discuss the specifics related to this claim.”

The Block Cares Fire Relief Fund, run by the Salvation Army, can also be contacted help out affected homeowners with the costs.

Cityplace’s fire in March was one of the biggest fires to ever hit Overland Park.

Jason Rhodes, a spokesman for the Overland Park Fire Department, said that construction materials and chemicals inside the apartment may have caused the fire to spread more quickly.

“There has been nothing of this magnitude in my 10 years here,” said Rhodes.

Every fire department in Johnson County came to help fight the 8-plus-alarm fire, according to Rhodes, as well as crews from Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas, and Lawrence.

Three firefighters sustained minor injuries while treating the fire. Block Real Estate made lodging arrangements for CityPlace residents and people in nearby homes who were affected by the fire.

According to the developer of the apartment complex, two of the buildings still under construction was a total loss. Only one building on the complex was finished at the time of the fire.

The $450 million project covered 90 acres and is planned to have five buildings when completed.

Did you know that homes located near fire departments actually cost less to insure? Most people don’t know the different factors that influence insurance premiums.

That is why you need an expert broker to guide you through the process of insuring your home, because you never know when a major fire like this one can threaten your home.

Plus, finding the right homeowners insurance to avoid problematic claims like the one Trometer dealt with is especially important.