Frequent Car Wrecks Spike Georgia Auto Insurance Rates

An average of four people die on Georgia roads each day, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation, sparking alarm for both drivers and insurance companies alike.

In 2016 Georgia led the nation in car insurance rate increases, and with the consistency of these fatal accidents as well as the number of high risk drivers, this is not expected to change any time soon.

The problem seems to be speeding and reckless driving as well the increased number of drivers on the road, something which is happening nationwide, not just in Georgia. A big underlining issue along with the increase of the number of drivers is the use of smart phones while driving, causing drivers to be more easily distracted and not focused while behind the wheel.

This is dangerous anywhere, but especially while on the highways.

Georgia residents have seen auto insurance rates increase nearly every year which is something no one would be thrilled about. But this has to do with the large amounts of accidents which continue to occur throughout the state throughout the year.

It is important to keep in mind your own safety and the safety of those driving around you.

Residents in Georgia need to do a better job of driving and staying safe on the roads to eventually help lower these high state-wide auto insurance rates.

It will be an all around effort, but it starts with you and your own car. Drive safe and stay attentive, do not use your phone while you are behind the wheel or you may find yourself involved in a terrible accident.

The amount of high risk drivers in Georgia have caused auto insurance rates to increase and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Keeping yourself safe and protected while driving is key. Making sure you have the right and best auto insurance plan is so important, especially in a state like Georgia. There are many affordable and reliable auto insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.