Florida Residents, Insurance Companies Still Struggling From Irma

Hurricane Irma left its mark throughout Florida, flooding and destroying many homes, business and belongings of families and residents. Nearly two months later, insurance companies are now feeling the impact as well.

Over 800,000 insurance claims were filed in Florida, totaling an estimated $5.5 billion in loses.

While efforts to speed up the recovery process of Florida and it’s residents have been in full effect with help from around the country, the event is still far from over.

Homeowners accounted for over 65% of the claims, making it very apparent for how many families need help to get back on their feet and start growing again.

Many residents have been waiting for their insurance checks to come in in order to help jump start their personal recovery projects, such as fixing roofs, windows and other important aspects of their homes. Some residents are also starting to feel left out or cut short on many of these cases. Claiming that insurance companies are working inefficiently and slowing the process for the entire state.

You can argue that insurance companies have their hands full, having to deal with hurricane Harvey which hit Texas right before Irma hit Florida, but regardless, people need to start making efforts to get their lives back, and they need help.

While many people have received help already, it is estimated that nearly half of the 800,000 cases still remain open and have yet to be handled.

The important thing is for these insurance companies to be honest and open with their clients, letting them know their current situations and how they can help or what they can do. An underlying issue is also the shortage of laborers or roofers in the area. Their is work to be done, but not enough people who know how to do the job efficiently and well. This also causes delays.

While Illinois is very unlikely to be hit by a hurricane, it is still important to realize how valuable and beneficial homeowners insurance can be. In the case of an accident or a natural disaster, having the right insurance plan can make the difference between smooth transitions or delays and a rough ride. There are many great and affordable homeowners insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.