Facebook Adds Rental Listings Into Marketplace Section

Earlier today, social media giant, Facebook announced that they will be expanding their Marketplace listing section, now allowing users to be able to post apartment or house listings in order to search for renters.

This will benefit not only the owners of these apartments, but also those looking for a new place to stay, making it easier to search around locally. Facebook will also find benefit here as well, enticing even more users to be on the network more often, allowing them to take advantage of the numbers.

Facebook will use property managers, as well as assistance from other rental listing websites to bring in more listings and to help fill up the open slots in the mean time.

But eventually they want to make it easier for you to be able to post your own apartments or houses for rent.

Earlier in the year, Facebook added the buying and selling of used cars to the Marketplace section, allowing even more traffic to come through the site and finding popularity and success in that.

The success and activity which they saw from the used car postings had an affect on why they added this new rentals section to the Marketplace.

Those looking for apartments can find places easier, narrowing their searches by selecting price range, location, pet friendliness, bathroom count, bedroom count and much more. Making this new addition easy and helpful to both those renting their places and those looking to rent.

While this is yet another huge step for Facebook, it is still important to keep in mind the importance of renters insurance as well as seeing you who will be renting from, if they are honest and reliable as a landlord. A good renters insurance plan can help you in the case of an apartment fire, robbery, flood or any other number of other incidents that may take place. Your new landlord most likely will not cover many of these damages, leaving them up to you.

There are many great renters insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.