Emanuel Tries To Even Taxis, Uber, Lyft

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has answered questions which have been coming up sine the boom of the ridesharing industry, specifically dealing with Uber and Lyft and their relation with taxi cab companies in Chicago.

The debates come up because many in the taxi cab industry believe that Mayor Emanuel and City Hall openly favor these ridesharing services compared to the taxi cab industry.

The Mayor’s newest solution, make these taxi companies more like Uber and Lyft.

More specifically, allow taxis to charge surge prices and work more closely with their passengers through the use of an app, allowing them to boost ride costs during heavy demand hours. Along with that, this proposal would require the same background check as Uber and Lyft, no longer forcing taxi drivers to be fingerprinted.

Rather, both industries would be required to run the names of potential drivers through nationwide databases which will allow them to see if the potential employee has even been involved in an accident, has a criminal record, appears on a registered sex offenders list or on the suspected terrorist watch list.

Mayor Emanuel said that “The end goal here is safety, and the safety of the rider by ensuring that the driver (undergoes) all necessary checks on their background.”

The goal is to better service the city and it’s residents. Although some think that making Uber and Lyft drivers get fingerprinted, along with taxi drivers, is the better and safer idea.

This proposal has been met with mixed proposals. Uber and Lyft still need more time to consider these changes and decide. While some in the taxi cab industry think its a step in the right direction but still think the city is ignoring important aspects which are needed to ensure those taxi drivers can support their families.

Many believe the city just allows these rideshare companies to create their own rules as they go, populating the streets more and more.

While this won’t be settled over night, it is important that these taxi cab companies keep pressuring the Mayor to make changes about the current system, as it is just them seemingly losing money and business.

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