Dumb Cars Moving Out, Smart Cars Stay

As the automobile industry gears up to move into a more connected and autonomous (self-driving) industry, many CEO’s of these automakers say that drivers all together won’t be out, rather just dumb cars will be off the roads.

One CEO in particular described this move as “My vehicle is a rolling computer.” and if you think about it, that is not far off from the truth.

Pretty much any new vehicle you purchase today will come with some sort of autonomous technology. From automatic parking, rear-view cameras assisting with backing up, voice command and automatic braking, cars are getting more and more technologically advanced right before our eyes.

Many auto industry experts predict that within 20 years our auto industry will be centered around self-driving shuttles or cars, keeping “reckless” human drivers off of the road, cutting down on yearly fatalities by almost 100%.

So it’s not to say that old or less advanced or simply dumb cars won’t exist anymore, it’s more so the fact that you will not be able to find any vehicles without some sort of smart technology in the next few years.

The auto industry is one of the fastest changing industries, with safety features improving every day. And for good reason. In 2016, the United States saw over 3,700 vehicle related deaths, which is an increase of 200 from 2015. Patterns show that every year the number of accidents has been steadily increasing as more and more people get behind the wheel.

Another big factor in these auto accidents and deaths are the use of smartphones. Now, pretty much everyone you see will have a smartphone in their hand or pocket and unfortunately, the same goes for while driving. As drivers are easily distracted by smartphones, the number of accidents and fatalities will continue to rise.

These new smart cars, compared to the dumb, will help keep drivers on the road safe with all the new safety technology features we see every day.

Safety is the number one most important thing to remember while driving, especially as we get more into the winter months. Having the right auto insurance plan is key. There are many great car insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.