Driverless Shuttle Involved In Accident On First Day

On Wednesday November 8th, a pilot project, done through AAA and Keolis, began sending out eight seated shuttles in the city of Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the self-driving shuttle did not get off to the best start when it had a collision with a delivery truck in front of it. Reports say that the self-driving shuttle’s sensors had alerted the vehicle and stopped it safely, but the truck continued to back up until it bumped the front of the shuttle. No passengers were hurt and all were wearing their seatbelts.

The city of Las Vegas said in the report that “Had the truck had the same sensing equipment that the shuttle has, the accident would have been avoided.”

This is obviously a big break, considering if the shuttle had rammed into the delivery truck on its own, then there may have been many questions and angry residents wanting to know why their city is trying out these unsafe, self-driving shuttles.

The shuttles offer free rides around the city, in a district in which they hope to turn into a technology hub.

This 12 month pilot program aims to test how these self-driving vehicles will preform in the heart of the city, dealing with congestion and traffic, as well as slowly introduce them to residents of the area, offering free rides for now.

This particular shuttle was brought in for the day to have repairs done but the program will still continue on and they feel the upmost confidence in the shuttles.

While the future trend may be driverless cars, it is still important to think about the present and even what may happen if these self-driving cars cause accidents. It is important to have a good and reliable auto insurance policy in order to protect yourself from easily distracted drivers as well as the self-driving vehicles we may see popping up more frequently.