Consumers Beware, Flooded Cars Hit The Market

A pair of hurricanes hit Florida and Texas, seemingly back to back, causing mass amounts of damages as well as flooding the area. Now, as the damage clears and people are beginning to get back on their feet, officials are warning of a new type of crime or scam coming about, thieves selling their flooded cars.

Officials say that more than half a million flood damaged cars have been processed, many owners selling them for scraps and getting whatever they can for their old vehicles. The rest of them though, may potentially be getting thrown back into the market, trying to take advantage of the unaware buyer.

Thieves are now cleaning up their old and flooded cars to make them look like any other old car which you may see for sale. The problem is, once you use these flooded cars, they won’t last long.

This new style of trickery has been brought to the attention of many in the areas, hoping to save people from falling victim to these crimes.

Flooded cars do not work properly, they may at first but soon, equipment like the engine or brakes may fail and the car’s technology usually will not work for long. These thieves however, are doing a good job at cleaning up the flooded vehicles, making them almost look new.

People are falling victim to this scam, as it is difficult to tell the difference if you do not know what to look for. These flooded cars are essentially rotting from the inside. If you are buying a car in the Texas or Florida area, or any of the surrounding areas, make sure to do thorough and sound research and investigation on the vehicle.

While they aren’t easy to spot, flooded cars generally will have rust somewhere and often can carry a distinct smell to them. It is important to check out every inch of the car in order to protect yourself. Take a look under the hood, in the trunk, under the vehicle, look everywhere. A great idea is also to take the vehicle to an independent mechanic in order to get the green light from him or her.

Being aware of this new scam is important, especially if you live in the hurricane surrounding areas. Take note while buying a new car, get any and all information you can on the vehicle. It is important to also keep yourself protected on the road, even if you do not purchase one of these flooded cars. An auto insurance plan is important to keeping you protected and safe on the roads. There are many great and affordable auto insurance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.