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2018 Travel Destination: Mexico City

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Chances are you have probably seen Mexico in the spotlight at some point this year. From getting hit by hurricanes, being effected by drug wars and violence and lastly earthquakes, it was not as easy year for the country. The United States, which brings in the highest number of tourists to Mexico per year, even…

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Mexican Officials Call Country Safe Despite Travel Warnings

Mexico has always been a popular tourist location, offering various beautiful beaches, resorts and vacation opportunities. Mexico welcomed 35 million tourists in 2016. The United States has always been a leading visitor for tourism in Mexico. But back in August, the United States State Department issued a travel warning and advised visitors to the country…

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Southern Mexico Bloody Sunday

Reports coming from Mexico have delivered the news that eight people were killed this past Sunday and authorities recovered the bodies of at least 12 others. This took place in the state of Guerrero, in Southern Mexico. Guerrero is notorious for housing some of the worst crimes, drug and gang related. With over 1,700 homicides…

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Warnings Continue Of Travel To Mexico

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Over the past year, reports have come out about violence and crimes occurring throughout Mexico. The U.S. Department of State has warned citizens of the potential risks of travelling to Mexico at this time. They have released a travel warning to Mexico, advising to only visit those areas which are completely safe and to not…

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