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How To Avoid Buying A Flooded Car


Even months after hurricanes struck a large part of Texas and Florida causing mass amounts of damage as well as flooding the area, consumers are still reporting and warning others about buying flooded cars off the market. Officials say that more than half a million water logged cars have been processed, many owners are choosing…

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Preparing Your Home For Flooding

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The number one natural disaster in the United States is flooding. While that may surprise some, floods are more common than you think, especially in rain heavy areas throughout the year. Some of the top states which see the most rain per year include Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. While many people can deal with…

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Windsor Homeowners Waiting For Flood Help


In Ontario, residents of Windsor are facing a frustrating scenario. After dealing with downpours nearly three months ago which caused over $100 million in insured damages, residents are now waiting for the flood inspection committee in order to receive further help which they need. Nearly 6,000 homes were affected in the Windsor area, ranging from…

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Conference On Lake Ontario Flooding

On Thursday November 10th, nearly 150 people turned out in Wayne County, Michigan to discuss the rising water levels of Lake Ontario and to talk about the flooding, both from this past summer as well as for the upcoming summers. This past season delivered high water levels to the residents living along the Lake Ontario’s…

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Dealing With Insurance After Natural Disaster


In a summer and fall seemingly filled with natural disasters, hurricanes and wildfires, many are now wondering, what is the process when dealing with insurance companies and the damage to your home or business? How will you get your money? How long will it take? What is the process? They are not alone in asking.…

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Private Insurance Companies Calling for Flood Insurance Reform

With the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, leaders in the insurance industry are begin to question what is best for the future of the flood insurance market. Some argue that the government needs to be more involved, while others argue that private insurance companies should be running the show. The citizens of…

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Why Are Coastal Homeowners Dropping their Flood Insurance?


With the news of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, it seems like now is the best time to buy flood insurance, especially for those who live on the coast. The flooding in Texas and Florida is some of the worst in American history. People are losing their houses, automobiles, and places of business to severe…

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More Flood-Damaged Vehicles Being Sold on the Used Car Market


After a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, many automobiles are abandoned by their owners and submerged in a flood. After the storm is over and the water recedes, those cars will never be as high of quality as they were before. Once an automobile has water-damage, its value goes way down and it is almost…

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Trump Extends The National Flood Insurance Program

With the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida, the National Flood Insurance Program is more active than ever. The program was set to expire in September. However, President Trump decided to extend it for at least three months, while the areas hit by the hurricane recover from all the damage. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma…

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More Homeowners in Maine are Dropping Their Flood Insurance

With the recent impacts of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, homeowners are realizing the importance of flood insurance. And, insurance companies are pushing their flood coverage services harder than ever. If you live in an area where flooding has happened in the past, then you should highly consider purchasing flood insurance, or at least know…

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