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Glasses Could Prevent Motion Sickness In A Driverless Future


People often talk about where the auto industry will go, with many thinking electric vehicles will take over the roads only to have self-driving cars follow shortly after, getting rid of the need for actually driving. Yet in all the excitement and the push by major automakers and technology companies to establish a driverless fleet,…

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The Two Big Obstacles For Driverless Vehicles


Major automakers and companies all over are beginning to team up and work toward making the shift toward autonomous or self-driving vehicles. Ford, Uber, Tesla, Google, Nissan and a number of others have struck deals with each other and many are looking elsewhere still, hoping to get a technology company and a rideshare service to…

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Driverless Cars Hit The Streets In 2017

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Depending on who you ask, driverless cars are either a hope for the future or the next wave in the transportation and automobile industry. While people have been focusing on other events in 2017, driverless cars have quietly hit the roads, getting physical road miles tested and working toward perfecting these vehicles. Major companies are…

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Driverless Shuttle Involved In Accident On First Day

On Wednesday November 8th, a pilot project, done through AAA and Keolis, began sending out eight seated shuttles in the city of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the self-driving shuttle did not get off to the best start when it had a collision with a delivery truck in front of it. Reports say that the self-driving shuttle’s…

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Marketing Technology To Impact Automobile Industry

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The automobile industry is changing. With new autonomous features, such as self-parking and automatic braking, becoming more and more common and accepted, automobile companies need to shift their focus from creating the most flashy cars, to answering the drive of the industry, more personal and more technological touches. Automobile companies, who spent the last few…

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The Impact that Driverless Cars Will Have on Auto Insurance


There has been a lot of talk recently about driverless cars. Many people believe that in the not-so-distant future, automobiles will become so technologically advanced that humans will no longer need to operate them. In fact, there are a few driverless cars already out there. However, this type of transportation is a long way from…

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