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Dozens Of Luxury And Classic Cars Demolished


Dozens of luxury and classic cars were demolished yesterday by the Philippine government to try and send a message against illegally importing these cars. Twenty of these classics were lined up and driven over by a bulldozer and then smashed by an excavator. The sight will bring a tear to the eye of classic car…

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Hitler’s Parade Mercedes To Go Up For Auction

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An old parade vehicle once owned by Adolf Hitler will be going up for auction in early 2018. While it may look wrong or like a typo, it is true. In January 2018 at the Worldwide Auctioneers Scottsdale auction, the 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Open Tourer will be up for sale and it has arguably one…

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A Glance At Illinois Auto History


Many know the story, history and emergence of the auto industry in the United States. The first automobiles emerged in the 1890s and slowly began to take form until the U.S. jumped and led the industry until roughly the 1980s before Japan took over. The big three, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, owned the industry…

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Houston Warehouse Holds $20 Million In Cars


Some call it a garage, some call it a warehouse. Whatever you want to describe it as, this Houston warehouse holds over $20 million worth of cars. Located in Houston’s Heights neighborhood, the warehouse houses cars from all over the state of Texas, the majority belonging to rich businessmen and women of the area as…

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Porsche Classics Get Theft Protection

A classic is a classic for a reason and in the auto industry, no one knows that better than Porsche. People cherish these vehicles and for good reason, they are beautiful, expensive and rare. Also making them very appealing to the common car thief. That is why Porsche has introduced a new technology to protect…

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