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Startup Lets You Buy And Sell Shares In Classic Cars


In New York, a startup company called Rally Road allows investors to buy and sell shares in classic cars. Instead of sending your money into stocks and large companies, you can own parts of a 1960 Porsche or a 1985 Ferrari, for as little as $50. The process works like this, Road Rally finds any…

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Electric Vehicles Are As Bad As Gas-Powered Cars


Electric vehicles are on the rise. 2017 saw the first year for positive sales in the United States, making up 1% of total car sales. And as the world continues to battle global warming and lower their carbon footprints, electric vehicles will continue to do better and eventually take over the industry. But as promising…

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Top Five Rideshare Cars From The Chicago Auto Show


Auto shows are a great time for automakers to show off their new ideas and models, car lovers to see what’s going on in the industry and consumers to check out their next potential purchase. The Chicago Auto Show is one of the best in the United States year to year and always has great…

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Lithium Is The Key For Electric Vehicles


The auto industry is evolving. People are rethinking owning a vehicle as rideshare services continue to boom, major automakers and technology companies are focusing on creating an self-driving system, hoping to beat out their competitors and the world as a whole is focusing on becoming more environmentally friendly and help combat global warming. Electric vehicles…

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Volvo Aims To Protect Our Pets


Our pets are very important in our lives. Whether you are a dog or cat person, if you have one in your household, you know that they are almost like apart of the family and you couldn’t imagine life without it. And Google, through their Google Auto Trends Report, has showed that many Americans are…

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Uber Wants To Be Our Public Transportation


Rideshare giant Uber has made such an impact in the transportation industry. People are even rethinking owning their vehicles, choosing to rather ride with these cheap and convenient services rather than make monthly payments on a car and pay for gas. Uber hasn’t stopped just at ridesharing either, they have services for getting those living…

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Flooded Cars Are Still A Threat When Buying Used


Cars can hold a ton of water, and unfortunately some people may not realize this. Late in 2017 a pair of hurricanes hit Florida and Texas, seemingly back to back, causing mass amounts of damages as well as flooding the area. As the damage was cleared and people are getting back on their feet, officials…

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Four Essential Things To Know About Car Insurance


If you own a car or are in the process of looking for a new one, you know or should know that you legally need some sort of car insurance coverage to keep yourself and others safer on the roads. Car insurance is important for people to protect them from the loss of their vehicle.…

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Four Reasons Self-Driving Cars Might Increase Car Ownership

The auto industry is changing. Self-driving cars may become the next big change in the auto industry and almost look like they will be here one way or the other. Every day new partnerships are being made by major automakers and technology companies and even rideshare services. Each of these companies are using their respective…

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Tesla Pushing For The Right To Sell Cars In Certain States


The Tesla name is something which sells itself. The company can arguably be known for bringing electric vehicles to light and kick starting the growing industry. But Tesla is struggling. They have had a hard time getting their production levels up, specifically with their newest vehicle, the Model 3. Another issue with Tesla is that…

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2018 Cars Set Records For Dependability


Taking care of your car is always a must no matter how old or new the vehicle is. But there is only so much you can do before it really depends on the car. Dependability is key in many cars and something you should look into before buying your new vehicle. A dependable vehicle is…

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Lawmakers Work To Get Rid Of No-Fault Auto Insurance


A no-fault auto insurance law is when injured drivers get medical help and their medical bills paid for no matter who or what causes the accident. While only 12 states have this type of insurance or law, some are working to get rid of it, the most recent was Colorado back in 2002 and now…

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Volkswagen Electric Cars To Begin Production In 2019


The auto industry is quickly changing. People are rethinking about owning a car as rideshare services continue to expand and grow. Driverless vehicles are beginning to become more of a reality than a dream as our cars continue to see more and more safety features and major companies continue to work and team up to…

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Drowsy Driving Is Causing More Accidents

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Details from a new study taken by AAA has revealed that drowsy driving causes more accidents than we originally thought. Nearly one out of every ten accidents on the roads happen because of a drowsy driver and this causes concern. Drowsy driving is when those behind the wheel are too tired to properly operate a…

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Georgia Considers Highway Just For Trucks


Georgia is considering something that hasn’t been done in the United States before, that is establish a separate highway which is just for trucks. This comes at a time when traffic is continually getting worse and Georgia specifically struggles with avoiding accidents and auto related deaths. The proposed highway would stretch 40 miles from the…

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Uber Settles Driverless Lawsuit


The race for self-driving cars is on and has many automakers, technology companies and even rideshare services teaming up to try and establish their own fleet of driverless vehicles and beat out their competitors. Uber has had their goal of establishing a fleet of driverless shuttles to take people to and from their destinations, much…

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How To Car Shop At The Auto Show


The beginning of the year is a great time for automakers and car lovers alike as auto shows happen all around the country in places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Detroit and Chicago. Auto shows are a great opportunity for people to see new and various models, new ideas and classics all while being surrounded…

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Honda Recalls 350,000 Cars


A common theme in the auto industry is the issuing of recalls by major automakers to fix or update any issues their cars might have from the engine, airbags or brakes. Honda is the most recent automaker to face a recall. They are recalling 350,000 of their vehicles in China to fix a problem which…

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DMV Says Waymo And GM Lead The Driverless Race


At a time when the auto industry is changing and doing so quickly, major companies and automakers are working toward establishing a fleet of driverless vehicles to take people to and from their destination and around cities. While this push by these major companies continue, most signs of the industry point that our future will…

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Five Of The Best Used Cars You Can Buy For Under 15K


Buying a used car is often a much smarter option when shopping as you can save immediate money by still getting a nice car. New cars loose almost half of their value in the first year you own it, including almost 30% right after you leave the lot. Used cars are a great way to…

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Robot Delivery Vans May Be The Next Step In Auto


A new company has taken a different route in establishing their own version of a self-driving car. They are taking more of delivery approach to their driverless vehicle or transport system. Called Nuro, the goal is to not provide a ride for people, but rather delivery services and goods. Whether that be pizza, groceries, packages…

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Four Comparisons Of Electric vs Gas-Powered Cars


Electric vehicles are on the rise and have a ton of perks for those using them or considering buying one. At the same time, electric vehicles are still new and the technology is still widely improving. Electric vehicles made up 1% of total car sales in the United States last year, which is a small…

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Five Situations Rideshare Drivers Can Be Fired


Rideshare services have quickly taken over the United States, allowing people to get around quicker and easier in cities all through the use of their smart phone app. Drivers for these services also have an opportunity to work on the side, using their own cars and working when they want and where they want. Driving…

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Travelers Rethink Rental Cars, Aim For Rideshare


In the past, if you were taking a long road trip you would often rent a car instead of taking your own. In today’s auto industry, rideshare services have gotten so big and the idea of car sharing as a whole has really gotten rid of the need to rent cars from our traditional renters.…

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Three Tips To Find The Lowest Car Insurance

Owning a car is a great experience, giving you freedom and essentially an unlimited boundary throughout the United States. Yet with anything, costs can often sneak up on you and owning a car is no different. From repairs and maintenance to filling up the gas tank to car insurance, cars are by no means cheap.…

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Are Fully Autonomous Cars Really Safer?


The auto industry is changing. Rideshare services are booming and continue to be used. Electric vehicles are gaining ground and hope 2018 will be an even bigger year for them. But the biggest question mark or prediction is what will happen with self-driving cars and where that future will take us. Many experts believe that…

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Driverless Vehicles Test Drive Stalls, Future Remains Questionable


The future of the automobile industry is commonly talked about today with the boom of the rideshare industry, the rise of electric vehicles and the constant push by major automakers and companies to develop a self-driving system. Pretty much every trend and sign from these major automakers suggest that the future of driving will actually…

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