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Technology And Safety Features Could Drive Up Auto Insurance


Everything nowadays seems to revolve around technology that makes our lives easier and saves people time in an ever busy world. Automakers know this and treat their new cars the same way, fixing them up with autonomous safety features and technologies which make driving easier and our time in the car more enjoyable. Yet with…

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Car Thieves Can Do It Without Triggering Alarm

Car thieves are always on the look out for a quick steal and a quick opportunity. That is why you always need to be on the lookout and know how you can avoid this. In the winter especially, car thieves will look for people who left their keys in the car and unlocked as they…

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Will New Auto Safety Features Lower Insurance Rates?

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If you buy any new car today it won’t be easy to find one without some sort of autonomous safety feature. From the very start we have seen new additions and new features, making cars safer and more reliable on the road. New technology, quicker advances and an acceptance into the auto community have really…

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Auto Safety Group Wants Chrysler Recall

A petition is being signed for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall a group of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Reports have come out that more than 50 people have voiced complaints about these issues and this has resulted in an auto safety group to extend the matter, trying to bring it to…

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High Prices Holding Back Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicles have made progress that some may never have thought possible, they have made a dent in the auto industry and are becoming more and more available nationwide and worldwide. Yet the biggest obstacle still remains, getting these vehicles down in price in order to make them more affordable for the every day, middle…

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Actions Affect Auto Insurance Rates


While many drivers and homeowners know how much they pay per year and per month for auto or home insurance plans, many are not aware that their behavior and actions can and do affect your monthly and yearly rates. Auto insurance risk factors really do make an impact on your fees and plans. Knowing how…

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Auto Insurance Rates Higher In City


Urban drivers and dwellers may already know this, don’t expect to pay less for auto insurance when city living. New reports have shown that in Ohio where auto insurance is generally cheap, you won’t find those same rates in Toledo. We know that auto insurance rates have to do with your driving history, your employment,…

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Marketing Technology To Impact Automobile Industry

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The automobile industry is changing. With new autonomous features, such as self-parking and automatic braking, becoming more and more common and accepted, automobile companies need to shift their focus from creating the most flashy cars, to answering the drive of the industry, more personal and more technological touches. Automobile companies, who spent the last few…

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Autonomy Safety Features Growing


One of the newest vehicle features is growing, autonomy and advanced safety features. Far and wide we are seeing more vehicles being made that have the ability to stop accidents before they happen. Consumers are quickly getting on board but the question still remains, how safe and secure are these features? Today, more than 60% of…

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Auto Insurance Misconceptions And What To Know

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Auto insurance is often overlooked and even disliked due to fluctuating prices, long plans and common misconceptions about what goes into determining a vehicle’s auto insurance plan. Most drivers know how important having auto insurance is and know that factors such as your age, location, profession, marital status and what you use your vehicle for all affect…

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Michigan Reform On Auto Insurance Still Find No Common Ground


Reforming no-fault automotive insurance has been a struggle in the state of Michigan. State lawmakers are again considering the matter, working out how reform would look like, as well as how it would affect residents. But while most legislators see it as something that needs to be changed, there is no certainty that an agreement…

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Nissan Continues to Innovate with its New Electric Vehicle


The electric car market is becoming more and more competitive. And that competition is leading to incredible strides in the development of battery-powered automobiles, as well as the eventual phasing out of gas-powered automobiles. Nissan is one company that competes in the green car market with the “Leaf.” While the Leaf is very popular in…

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Auto Insurance Companies are Charging Higher Premiums for Tesla Owners

These days, the future of the automobile industry seems to be looking more and more electric. Tesla cars, with their eco-friendly functions and luxurious features, are quickly becoming the premier choice for those switching from gas-powered to battery-powered vehicles. The use of innovative technology makes the Tesla a unique automobile. But, some of the more…

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The Effect That Ending DACA Might Have on Auto Insurance

Undocumented immigrants are now feeling anxious and uncertain about their futures with the recent news involving DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). DACA is a program that was established by the Obama Administration to allow young undocumented immigrants to live in the USA without the looming threat of being deported. The program is designed to…

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Why Do Auto Insurance Premiums Keep Rising?


The average price of auto insurance is currently the highest it has ever been. And, it continues to rise. In fact, auto insurance premiums have not increased at this rate since 2003. So, what is the cause of this nationwide increase that seems to have no signs of stopping? Well, there are a variety of factors that…

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How to Save Money by Bundling Your Home and Auto Insurance

Depending on where you live and your particular lifestyle, paying for insurance can be a financial pain. If you get into a car accident or a tree in your backyard falls into your neighbor’s house, your monthly premiums will go up and you will be stuck with even more financial stress. That is why you…

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Auto Insurance for Families


Covering your entire family under one Auto Insurance policy is a good way to save time and money. Whether your family owns one vehicle or multiple vehicles, your insurance agent will be able to set you up with a family auto insurance policy that fits the needs of everyone in your home. It is helpful…

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How Age Affects Auto Insurance


There are certain uncontrollable factors that increase your auto insurance premiums, age being the perfect example. If you are between the ages of 16 and 24, you will pay higher car insurance rates than any other group. So, what happens as you get older? Will your auto insurance premiums gradually go down? Technically, yes. But…

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