Cars Losing Spare Tire For Weight Reduction

New research has come out that nearly one in every three cars do not have a spare tire anymore. This news coming to light causes concern for both drivers and insurance companies alike.

Automakers are now taking more and more steps to create lighter and more efficient vehicles. And by taking out the spare tire, along with the car jack, stand and lug wrench, they are saving a lot of weight.

It is not all due to the automakers, they can’t be hit with all the blame. They are just trying to meet the new and stricter fuel economy standards hoping to keep their vehicles lighter and save on fuel economy.

You can argue however, that spare tires have been on there way out, almost gradually. First they used to give you an exact spare of your current tires, then it slowly changed into a small “get you to a mechanic” spare tire and now, no spares at all.

A second big reason that this lack of spares is possible is because of all the good that new tires have done for us, in terms of better technology and making stronger and more resistant tires to better protect against small object that maybe used to pop our tires. As automobiles have advanced, so have their tires.

For instance, BMW has created a run-flat tire design. These tires allow you to drive roughly 50 miles with a flat to somewhere where you can get it fixed in order to avoid having to change tires.

There are still other options as well, such as a patch kit or a tire-inflation kit. Both of which will not permanently solve your problems but may help you get to a safer place instead of sitting next to the side of the road.

Also, spare tires are generally easy to find locally and usually should not be too expensive. Now, you can even order some spare tires online and have them delivered to your home.

While automakers may be getting rid of the spare tire, they are still an important piece of equipment to have with your vehicle in order to make sure you stay safe and moving on the road. At least having a patch kit or a tire-inflation kit can make a huge difference. Having a good roadside assistance plan is also a good idea to help you if you get stuck on the road. There are many great roadside assistance plans throughout the Chicagoland area.