Auto Insurance Rates Higher In City

Urban drivers and dwellers may already know this, don’t expect to pay less for auto insurance when city living. New reports have shown that in Ohio where auto insurance is generally cheap, you won’t find those same rates in Toledo.

We know that auto insurance rates have to do with your driving history, your employment, your type of coverage and where you work and live, but does living in the city really affect rates that much? In Ohio, it sure does.

Insurance companies look at where you live but also take into account other factors, such as the employment rate in the area, the amount of crashes that occur yearly and other factors. It makes sense however, that driving in the city, with more cars, traffic and people, the risk for an accident is higher.

Toledo residents pay an average of over $1,100 per year for auto insurance, while others in the state pay nearly $350 less per year.

Ohio is ranked 11th cheapest for auto insurance rates of the 50 states, yet those in their major cities, like Toledo, find themselves paying much more.

There are some ways to decrease your auto insurance rates though.

Driving safe everyday, keeping a steady job and being accident free are some of the more common ways and common factors that insurance companies look into. On the other hand, it may be smart to look into an areas average cost of insurance before you officially move in.

With a higher risk of theft, accidents and property damage, it is no surprise that those living in the city pay more for auto insurance, better protecting themselves as well as the insurance companies.

While some may try to skip these high insurance rates, it is never smart to be without auto insurance. Auto insurance protects you and your vehicle daily and is very important especially while living and driving in urban areas. There are many great and affordable auto insurance rates in the Chicagoland area.