Ohio-based Agencies Partner Up to Deliver Business Insurance to Companies all Across the Country

Two of the biggest insurance companies in Ohio recently joined forces. Their names are Hylant and Pinkney-Perry, and both specialize in providing quality business insurance for companies in Ohio. Now, they have developed a strategy to take both of their agencies to the next level. By entering into a partnership, they will be able to expand their services to companies all across the United States. The two agencies will be able to use each others’ resources and expertise to write new and improved business insurance policies, while focusing primarily on risk management, employee benefits, healthcare management, and loss control.

Hylant is the bigger of the two companies. They were founded in 1935 and now have over 10 offices in multiple states in the Midwest. Hylant is a full-service insurance agency, which means they specialize in offering multiple products, such as business insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, etc. The product they push the most, however, is business insurance. In order to take their highest-selling service to the next level by reaching a wider audience, it makes sense that they would partner with a company like Pinkney-Perry,

Pinkney-Perry used to be a full-service agency like Hylant, offering everything from life insurance to auto insurance. However, these days the company focuses completely on writing policies for businesses in Ohio. The agency was founded in 1961 is 100% minority-owned. A company with such success, while also ran completely by minorities, is rare, and quite inspirational. The owners, from humble beginnings, brought their business to the premier level through years of hard work. As a result, Pinkney-Perry is the largest minority-owned insurance company in the state of Ohio. Now, they are about to gain national attention from their partnership with Hylant.

Business insurance is an important factor in any successful business. Without it, your company is at risk of serious financial loss, which causes the business to shrink and even go out of business. A quality business insurance policy will keep you and your employees protected in the event of the unexpected happening. There are many different types of business insurance. So, depending on the kind of company you are running, an insurance agent will tell you the kind of coverage you need and how much it will cost. Usually, the more property your company owns and the more employees you have on your payroll, the more you will have to pay for insurance. But, again, every company is different.